Deadpool 2: Unused Post-Credits Scenes Revealed

Deadpool co-creator Robert Liefeld revealed a number of previously unknown Deadpool 2 details from an Academy Screening Q&A via his Instagram yesterday.

The following article contains Deadpool 2 spoilers.

According to Liefeld, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds spoke about some unused post-credits scenes. The scenes “involved Deadpool peeing on ShatterStar’s grave, Peter showing up with a prosthetic arm and an entire new X-Force team auditioning.”

The topic of X-Force in particular apparently came up several times during the Q&A. One of the film’s goals was to provide Deadpool/Wade with a sense of belonging, albeit it within the dysfunctional X-Force team. Ryan, along with Deadpool 2 co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, was amused that Deadpool 2’s marketing disguised the X-Force team’s fate and made it “seem more important in the grand scheme.”

In the film, the entire X-Force team save Domino and Deadpool himself end up dying in comic fashion during the team’s very first mission. While a post-credits scene showing auditions for a new X-Force team didn’t make the cut, a different mid-credits scene did.

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Among other things, the scene shows Deadpool going back in time to save the life of his girlfriend, Vanessa. On this, the Q&A panel allowed that time travel can be difficult to get right and that they hotly debated using it for this purpose. Ultimately, though, they felt saving Vanessa felt like it “served the characters the best.”

Looking ahead, Reynolds remarked that “there is no shortage of ideas” for Deadpool 3.” In fact, Wernick pitched him on a fresh one in the lobby just before the Q&A took place.

Deadpool fans will likely welcome that news given that back in May Reynolds himself said he didn’t know if there would be a Deadpool 3. While fans wait for more news on a potential sequel, they can tide themselves over with the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2, which hits theaters Dec. 12.

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