Charlotte and Becky Lynch have verbal confrontation after Smackdown last night, Charlotte asked to leave building


Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch got into a verbal altercation last night after Smackdown stemming from Charlotte breaking from the script during their show-closing segment.

Charlotte was supposed to hand her Raw Title belt to Becky so she could have a moment as “Becky Two Belts” before Becky handed over her Smackdown Title belt to Charlotte. It was part of a belt-swapping segment at the end of Smackdown, since they were each drafted to a new show, but held the belt that represented their former show.

Multiple sources indicate that the verbal altercation got heated, and the predominant locker room sentiment was on Becky’s side on this. One wrestler said Becky is seen as a “hero” for standing up to Charlotte, who over the course of this year has alienated her colleagues backstage with attitude issues. “She’s been increasingly difficult to work with,” one wrestler tells PWTorch.

Another wrestler tells PWTorch that Becky is universally respected and liked among her colleagues, and Charlotte crossing her like that was the final straw for people who were trying to give her the benefit of the doubt through a string of other issues she’s been having. She has been more and more isolating herself behind the scenes. “No other women want to work with her now,” one wrestler tells PWTorch, citing she is seen as only interested in how she looks and scrutinizing everything she’s involved in through a self-centered filter.

Charlotte denied she dropped the title on purpose, which sounded preposterous enough that she was asked to leave the building at that point.

I’ll have more details on this situation and additional notes on the locker room sentiment regarding Charlotte, which we first reported on during the debacle of a match with Nia Jax several weeks back, in tonight’s VIP-exclusive Wade Keller Hotline.

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