Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 4 flipped Return of the Jedi’s final lightsaber battle

Last month, we showcased a gallery of artwork dug up from the ashes of Free Radical Design’s cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 4.

The game was already in the planning stages when Free Radical’s far more complete Battlefront 3 project was also shut down back in 2006. It exists now only in the form of concept art and memory.

But the past few weeks have seen far more Battlefront 4 material come to light, thanks to fans from The Vault Project and anonymous staff who worked on the game more than a decade ago. Together, an enormous collaborative Google Document has been created – showcasing the largest collection of Battlefront 3 and 4 information I’ve seen, after years of writing about various leaks.

The most interesting, perhaps, is a blow-by-blow breakdown of Battlefront 4’s campaign, which would have featured an alternate take on the events of the first two Star Wars trilogies. As shown in previously-leaked artwork, Free Radical was preparing to play with the storyline and allow you to play with different versions of characters – so Obi-Wan could have been a baddie, and Luke could have fallen to the dark side of the Force.

In one later scene, you would have played as a redeemed Anakin Skywalker and be forced to kill off a Darkside Luke – flipping the finale of Return of the Jedi, where Luke and Vader duel.

The action would have taken place on Tatooine, where Anakin had gone to reside after the Death Star’s destruction of Endor. Poor Ewoks.

Other levels would have shown off alt-universe action on Geonosis, Dagobah and Naboo.

The document is well worth a browse if you have a spare hour or two. There’s plenty more artwork from Battlefront 3 and 4, although the highlights are the twists on well-known characters. I’ll leave you with a ripped Jedi Maul:

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