Audiophile Experts: Esoteric, Focal, Stable 33.33, Accuphase, André Thériault, Luna Cables

Beautiful strains of music lured me into the Audiophile Experts room, where the song “Göttingen,” written in 1964 by French chanteuse Barbara (real name Monique Andrée Serf) as an ode to the German city by the same name, was playing. As well as having become a hit in her native country, the song has been credited as having helped improve relations between France and Germany in the years following the Second World War. Barbara called the song “a hymn to Franco-German reconciliation”.

It’s a melancholy song, sung in a style reminiscent of Edith Piaf. Along with vocals, it includes piano and double bass. That sense of melancholy was poignantly, tenderly, oh so gracefully rendered by the system being demoed, whose front end comprised a 33.32 Mk2 turntable by Stable 33.33 with an André Thériault Black Beauty tonearm ($20,000 for both), an Accuphase AC-6 MC cartridge ($8500), and a Luna Cables Rouge step-up transformer ($4850). Serving up silver discs was an Esoteric K-03XD SACD/CD player ($20,250).

Speakers were Focal Utopia Scala Evos ($68,998/pair), and amplification was by Esoteric, including an E-02 phono stage ($12,850) and a 30Wpc into 8 ohms S-05 class-A amplifier ($16,875). Preamp duties (for the analog and digital front ends were performed by an N-05XD network audio player / preamp / discrete DAC ($14,850). Digital conversion was assisted by a G-02 master clock ($10,350, discontinued), Cables were by Luna Cables.

The system produced a bulging, tangible, well-sorted, music-charged soundfield filled with luxuriant detail.

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