AEW Stars In Attendance and More Backstage Notes Following Night Two Of WWE WrestleMania XL

Last night WWE officially ended WrestleMania XL week with night two of its biggest show of the year, an event that saw Cody Rhodes dethrone Roman Reigns to become the new WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Fightful Select has released a new report revealing several interesting notes following the show.


-There were several non-WWE talents in attendance for Mania XL night two. This includes Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Starks, Allie Katch, Jimmy Lloyd, Rina Yamashita, CJ Perry and Brittnie Brooks.

-Snoop Dogg’s attendance announcement was inaccurate, as he purposely snuck in a ‘420’ reference.

-Giulia was wearing a “performer” credential at WrestleMania.

-The Stephanie McMahon promo to open the show was kept quiet as it was listed as a Triple H promo on the run sheets. She was welcomed back by many backstage.

-There was universal praise for the camera work throughout the two shows. There were no mishaps.

-WWE is slowly moving away from the term “sports entertainment.” This was first reported by Ibou of Wrestle Purists and is now backed up by Fightful’s Corey Brennan.

-The rules for what commentary can say now are severely scaled back, and have been since Vince McMahon departed.

-The main producers were aware of the big surprises in the main event, but no everyone was aware. Some were only told that there would be interference.

-Streamer IShowSpeed has no heat for whatever curse words he screamed at Randy Orton during the U.S. title triple-threat. There was an internal pop when his bottle lid flew off.

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-Triple H told everyone to “have fucking fun more than anything” right before the show went on air. He was also on the floor for rehearsals throughout the day. .

-Cody Rhodes did not wear his entrance helmet during rehearsals.

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