AEW scores second straight total viewership win over NXT, key demo numbers, cable ranking, and prior episode 3-day and 7-day total viewership updates


AEW outdrew NXT for the second straight week in total live and same-night-delayed viewers by a 693,000 to 637,000 margin. AEW viewership dropped 38,000, down from 731,000 last week. NXT viewership dropped 28,000, down from 665,000 last week.

In the 18-49 target demographic, AEW outdrew NXT by a 0.27 to 0.16 margin. In the male 18-49 demo, AEW outdrew NXT by a 0.33 to 0.20 margin. In the younger male 18-34 demo, AEW led by a 0.16 to 0.09 margin. In the target demo, AEW finished no. 16 overall, while NXT was tied for the no. 48 position with several shows also drawing 0.16. For example, “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central drew a 0.16 rating, tying NXT, and NXT outdrew it in total viewers; Daily Show drew 589,000 viewers, 49,000 fewer viewers.

It’s AEW’s second straight week beating NXT, after NXT edged AEW by two small margins the prior two weeks.

Jumping back to last week, in the +3 day viewership totals, AEW drew 896,000 compared to NXT’s 749,000 (although NXT’s delayed views on WWE Network is not included in that number, so NXT could have close the gap quite a bit with Network views added).

Jumping back two weeks, AEW ended with 929,000 viewers, it’s third week in a row landing below 1 million viewers after finishing above 1 million viewers all but one prior week in 2020. NXT topped off at 801,000 after seven days (but again, that doesn’t include WWE Network views).

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