AEW News: Omega responds to WWE running Evolve head to head against Fight for The Fallen (w/Radican’s Analysis)


-AEW EVP Kenny Omega spoke out against WWE promoting Evolve 131 head to head against Fight for the Fallen, which is a charity show for victims of gun violence. Regarding WWE’s decision to run Evolve 131 up against Fight for the Fallen, which is set to air for free on B/R Live on July 13.

Omega wrote:

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If lining your pockets with blood money is okay, then what’s wrong with trying to undermine a charity show for victims of gun violence? I hear that healthy competition is supposed to be a good thing and yet I can’t help but feel like I’m gonna be sick.

Omega has since taken down the tweet, but he also tweeted that his tweet was directed at the decision makers in wrestling and nobody else. Omega’s original tweet has been deleted, but you can see his followup tweet below:

Radican’s Analysis: It will be interesting to see if there’s anymore sniping back and forth between AEW and WWE talent or executives leading into July 13. Going head to head against a charity show certainly isn’t a good look for WWE and Omega rightly called the company out for taking blood money from Saudi Arabia. 

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