AEW Dynamite vs. NXT on USA viewership and demo ratings are in, plus seven-day viewership update


Last night (1/20), AEW Dynamite drew 854,000 total viewers (live and delayed viewing), topping NXT which drew 659,000. The difference of 195,000 is 50,000 higher than the average difference since Sept. 16 (after the shows went back to being head-to-head after a four week stretch of staggered showtimes).

  • AEW’s prior ten week average was 812,000, so they were up 42,000.
  • NXT’s  prior ten week average was 654,000, so they were up 5,000.

In terms of the rating, NXT drew 0.55, ahead of AEW’s 0.51, a reflection of more viewers per household with AEW than NXT.

In the key 18-49 demographic, AEW drew a 0.36, more than doubling NXT’s 0.15. Both shows were up from last week.

Among 18-49 males, AEW drew 0.49, more than 2.5 times NXT’s rating of 0.18.

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Among 18-34 males, AEW more than tripled NXT by a 0.24 to 0.07 margin.

We finally also have the seven-day viewership total for Dec. 30. AEW drew 1.200 million total seven-day viewers on Dec. 30, only third time since February 12, 2020 it hit that mark. Dec. 10 was the prior instance. That was up from the 977,000 first-night viewership total, an increase of 233,000.

NXT drew 710,000, up 124,000 from the first-night viewership total of 586,000.

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