ABC Boss Wants a Lost Reboot, But One’s Not in Production Yet

It might be time to heed Jack’s advice and go back to the island.

ABC President Karey Burke told reporters today that she is interested in a possible Lost reboot for the network, which was the home of the hit drama series from 2004 to 2010.

According to /Film, Burke clarified that she had not had any discussions with Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams, showrunner Carlton Cuse, or ABC Studios about a reboot. Burke said a potential reboot was “just what I dream about when I go to bed at night.”

ABC isn’t a stranger to the reboot game. Last year, the network brought back the ’90s sitcom Roseanne, which later transformed into The Conners. ABC is also currently working on a possible Bewitched reboot and a sequel to Designing Women.

Many of the top creative talent involved in the original production of Lost are involved in high-profile projects. Abrams is currently directing Star Wars: Episode IX with Lost alum Dominic Monaghan, Damon Lindelof is the showrunner of HBO’s forthcoming Watchmen, and series star Evangeline Lilly is on Marvel duty as the Wasp in the Ant-Man franchise.

Lost ended its six-season run in 2010 after accumulating 11 Emmys and being a staple of ABC’s lineup. The series finale remains one of the most controversial endings in television history.

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