Aavik M-300 Amplifiers, Børresen 05 Loudspeakers, Ansuz Cabling

Having heard at previous shows the pairing of Aavik electronics, Børresen loudspeakers, and Ansuz cabling, I’ve been trying to find language adequate to describe the quality of its earth-rooted bass and midrange. There’s a very special, aged-in-wood component to its bass sound that I find fascinating. Combined with clear highs that, while not shy, are capable of conveying intimacy, the system made Anette Askvik’s “Liberty” compelling listening.

This was the first showing of Ansuz’s forthcoming PowerBox D-TC supreme active cables (€12,000). These were paired with two other new Ansuz products, the Darkz T2 Supreme Titanium Rack Medium with black ash shelves (€13,440 per shelf) and D-TC supreme power cable (€36,000/3 meters). Also in the system: Ansuz Titanium Rack Low Darkz D2t shelves, new Børresen 05 loudspeakers with Darkz T2 Supreme resonance control (€100,000/pair), Aavik C-300 control amplifier with DAC and two phono stages (€36,000), and Aavik M-300 300W class-A mono amplifiers (€84,000/pair).

Seen in passive display: Aavik’s new P-150 300Wpc stereo amplifier (€14,000) and C-150 preamplifier with optional DAC and phono stage (€12,000).

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